EUROSPEAK has extensive experience organizing language courses for foreign employees and their families. Our courses have helped many people to integrate with greater ease into their new working and living environments.

We usually advise absolute beginners to start with an intensive or semi-intensive formula in order to acquire basic knowledge of their required language in a short period of time. Expat students? learn how to participate in a simple conversation and how to understand basic practical information. They will also study vocabulary related to their direct environment. Additionally, the course is an intercultural exchange that teaches the student about living and working in Belgium discussing cultural habits, politics and other important issues related to Belgian life.

For those expats who possess a higher level of language understanding we provide a more complex course concentrating on more advanced vocabulary and structures that are necessary to function in a working environment e.g. conversations with colleagues, instructions, meetings, presentations, e-mails, official documents and reports.

We also offer language training for partners and children of expats. Our trainers tune the contents and scheduling of the lessons to the family individual needs and working situation e.g. has the family just arrived or have they been here a while? Do they already have some understanding of the language or are they complete beginners? What’s their mother tongue? Does the partner work and are the children in school? What are their needs? What are their interests? These lessons can provide expat families both new and established with the means to live a full and integrated life here in Belgium.

Advantages of courses for expats:

  • experience with all nationalities
  • solutions on family level, tuned to each situation
  • intensive and flexible courses
  • lessons in our school, in company or at home