If you opt for a tailor-made language course we adapt the course to your needs and interests. We believe this is the most efficient method to actively study a foreign language. You will practise the language that is important for you in both social and professional situations. Your teacher will use your own company’s authentic material to prepare lessons according to your progress and requirements. Emphasis lies on actively acquiring vocabulary and integrating jargon by means of practical exercises. Grammar is taught gradually and functionally.

Depending on your level and availability you decide on the lesson package, with a fixed or flexible time-schedule. We work with a minimum of 10 or 12 hours of tuition (5 x 2 hours or 8 x 1,5 hour). Most students opt for modules of 20, 30 or 45 hours. Each module can easily be extended.

Advantages of a tailor-made course:

  • very flexible: lessons whenever you want, according to your needs
  • possible for ALL languages, from beginners to advanced students
  • integration of jargon is possible (financial, social, legal, technical, commercial,…)
  • lessons on an individual basis or small groups with several colleagues. (discussion groups, function groups)
  • lessons in our school, in company or at home