“By telephone

Learning a language by telephone is not easy. During the lessons you can’t rely on body language to make yourself understood. It requires serious concentration but is very effective if you have to use the phone regularly and if you already have a basic active knowledge of French, English, Dutch, German or Spanish.

Each of the telephone sessions (20 in total) takes 30 minutes. You call your teacher at fixed prearranged times, preferably twice a week. You work around prearranged topics of your choice and you are given functional grammar explanations. The course material you receive by e-mail or the text book itself form the basis of the course. You will attain better results if you combine telephone lessons with a tailor-made course, e-learning or extra study time.

Advantages of learning on the telephone:

  • no transportation and no waste of time
  • training can be organized, wherever you are
  • genuine practice of telephoning in a foreign language