EUROSPEAK helps employers and employees with specific company needs:

  • testing and needs analysis
  • organising language courses (present programme, enrol candidates and make groups, make schedule, supervise courses, evaluate students)
  • linguistic and stylistic editing of company documents
  • on-the-job-training for helpdesk functions, manual workers, …
  • workshops on effective communication within an international, multilingual work environment
  • making tailor-made courses, scenarios, …
  • outsourcing of language trainers

Some of our services can be delivered by mail and phone, others demand a personal contact in our school or in-company. Our regional offices work identically: we can thus offer you the same service on a national level.

If you permanently or temporarily have a lot of language needs, you should consider outsourcing: an experienced teacher/translator comes to your company on a regular basis to teach and offer support.

Advantages of language counselling:

  • fast and flexible answer to your questions
  • support of experienced linguists
  • presence in the company if necessary