“Via Skype

Skype lessons are the perfect way to keep your knowledge and language skills up to date. Each session takes 30 minutes. You practice your oral communication skills, discuss and simulate business conversations, ask about specific problems and use authentic materials. The program is tailor-made and adapted to your language needs.

Before each session you will receive a lesson plan by email. This gives you the chance to prepare the session by reading a text, doing a vocabulary exercise, watching a video etc. before contacting your teacher via Skype at the time of your appointment. Mistakes that impede comprehensibility will be corrected immediately whereas all other mistakes will be analyzed at the end of each session. After each Skype session you will receive an email report of the session including any learning points and targeted exercises as homework.

Skype sessions are organized for all students with a basic, intermediate or advanced knowledge of the language. All you need is a computer with internet connection, sound card, microphone, speakers & a camera. Skype is a free application. Once you have downloaded the program and have registered with Skype, it is installed and ready to run.

Advantages of learning on the telephone:

  • no transportation and no waste of time
  • Skype from anywhere you like
  • you can hear and see your teacher, so little difference to face-to-face sessions
  • 30 minutes per week: easy to fit into a busy schedule
  • structured lesson plans - more learning in less time