EUROSPEAK organizes e-learning combined with coaching (input sessions) for Dutch, French, English and German for language levels A1 up to C1. The individual input sessions in our school, in your company, at home or by telephone are important. It’s at these moments that you will have direct contact with a teacher, giving you the opportunity to ask questions, to practice what you’ve learnt in a different setting and to look at your progress. This experience is invaluable as it gives you the opportunity to discuss any difficulties and provides you with the motivation to continue.

If you are interested in a well structured course which caters to your specific language needs and can be done at your own pace then opt for E-learning & coaching. We select an appropriate e-module based on the results of a language test and a needs analysis. You will receive your own personal password which gives you a 3 or 6 months access to the electronic learning environment of one of our partners. Every week, or every 2 weeks, you will have an input session with your Eurospeak language teacher.

Advantages of E-learning:

  • professional learning environment combined with individual lessons
  • modular system
  • computer lessons giving you the freedom to work when and where you’d like to
  • emphasis on writing skill in a foreign language