EUROSPEAK offers morning or afternoon workshops to both students and language teachers. In these workshops we work around one or more languages and we pay attention to multiple skills. In order to design a special program we will pay you a visit in advance and brainstorm around possible topics.

Examples of school projects for students:

  • Conversation classes (mornings or afternoons) with native speakers of French, English, German, Spanish, ...: students are divided into groups and spend 1 or 2 hours together with our language trainers. By means of different methods, like testimonies and quizzes or other games, we focus on learning languages, speaking languages, experiencing languages and cultural differences. Students have the opportunity to test their knowledge by talking to a native speaker in the presence of others.
  • Getting familiar with foreign languages: by experimenting, students get familiar with a few large language families, they experience the difficulties of learning a totally different language and how this language reflects our way of thinking and being (initiation African sounds, Chinese, Turkish, …)
Examples of school projects for teachers:
  • Workshop business communication for French, English and German
  • Communicative lesson material and the functional method in a class context
  • Morning or afternoon conversation classes with a native speaker: practical and refresher course