E-learning for Dutch, French, English and German aims at students who want to prepare themselves for central jury exams, government or higher education exams. It can also be interesting for students who, because of specific reason, can’t take part in traditional schooling. EUROSPEAK combines e-learning with weekly or 2-weekly input sessions in our school or at home. Thanks to the e-modules you can practise your knowledge of the language. During the input sessions the teacher pays attention to your specific needs. Moreover, these sessions provide you with the motivation to continue, giving your the opportunity to practise what you’ve learnt through conversations with your native teacher.

We select an appropriate e-module based on the results of a language test and a needs analysis. You will receive your own personal password which gives you a 3 or 6 months access to the electronic learning environment of one of our partners. Every week, or every 2 weeks, you will have an input session with your Eurospeak language teacher.

Advantages of E-learning:

  • Computer lessons combined with individual lessons
  • Modular system
  • Support of experienced teachers and native speakers