EUROSPEAK is a Qfor certified educational institution. This means you can enjoy financial support for your language projects.

SME e-wallet Flanders
KMO portefeuilleA support of 40% of the training costs for small enterprises (up to € 10 000 per year). A support of 30% of the training costs for medium-sized companies up to a maximum of € 15 000 per year.
More information: www.kmoportefeuille.be.
Registration N° SME e-wallet Flanders: DV.O105403 (Eurospeak NV) and DV.O105404 (Eurospeak Metodika Antwerpen VOF)

Most Joint Committees fund its employees training sessions, on the condition that certain terms are complied with.
These grants can differ, depending on the kind of sector fund. Possible subsidies: general grant per hour or per day or they bare part of the wage costs or the training’s invoice.

CevoraDo not forget to consult your sector fund and inform us about the documents you need for funding. Thanks to Cevora’s (PC 200) Formstimul programme you can enjoy a 10% discount on our tuition cost.
More information: www.cevora.be/formstimul.

VDABDo you work and live in Flanders? Then you can order training vouchers with a standard value from the Flemish Community. E.g. you order 10 vouchers of 25 EUR each. This makes a total of 250 EUR. Of this amount half (125 EUR) is paid by the government, the other half by you. You can order a maximum of 250 EUR in vouchers per year.
More information: www.vdab.be/opleidingscheques.

ActirisDo you live in Brussels and are you looking for a job? You should register at the Actiris for your language course. Actiris gives vouchers for individual and group lessons. Lessons are organised by EUROSPEAK but at the rates of Actiris. This means that the course is free of charge for you.
More information: www.actiris.be (taalhoek).